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Entry 458 - In Other News

Now, for non-fan stuff. I've done dishes lately, I've run errands, and I worked three days in a row.

Life is busy at the house, and everyone must do their part. I'm happy with it, though.

My brother does laundry--he can keep that job. I'm willing to take over doing dishes for mom, or even just helping her out with it. It's not so bad, and I can always wash my hands afterwards. No problem.

Forgive me for the fanblather, though, but this is my journal and I like to put my interests into it. It can easily be scrolled over for the uninterested, though. Thank you for putting up with me. ♥

Of course, the 17th will have one like it, though, so this is an advanced warning. :)

I'm happy to see the snow melting again, even if it does make for more puddles and more mud. Oh well, such is mud season and all. I can't wait for spring. Summer, even. Just no more winter until next year, please.

For those of you who missed me online last night, I apologize. Yesterday I worked until 11, I came home and ran errands, which took me until about 5, and then I walked home from the bus and had to run out to get dinner. When I came home, it was almost 7, so I decided to go take a short nap.

Woke up about 1 am. Decided to just change and go to bed. Slept until noon. I win.

If I owe anyone anything, do let me know. I'll get it to you very soon. Luck to all with everything.


(This song is rather nice, but the title...I'm amused, really...)
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