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Entry 457 - First Impressions, Part I

For those of you who remember this time last year...well, it's that time again. No fic this time, though.

Those of you who don't like fan-based entries...well, perhaps you should avoid this one, hm? :)

So, the boy in my icon. He's a favorite of mine (after all, he's in three icons and my AIM icon, so..), and he has quite a few traits that I admire. He's loyal, he's determined, and he's musical.

Not to mention, he's quite a little strategist. Those people at Artemis? Didn't stand a chance ♥

My first impression of him was the ending of an episode--this was back when his series was on at night, it was before another show I used to watch and sometimes I would catch the end of it. Of course, I can be very shallow, so it was like "aww, he's so cute :) what's his name?"

After a few weeks, I decided to sit through an entire episode. It was confusing at first, since it was almost halfway through the series (24, I think, out of 50), but I was hooked. I kept watching.

And then, episode 29 hit. One of the most dramatic episodes, with one of the most dramatic scenes.

Having seen Gundam Wing, where nobody seems to really die after a million self-destructs, I figured that this character might be safe and show up again. No dice.

The casualty list is quite long, and a lot of my favorites are on it. What is wrong with this picture, folks?

Needless to say, I was basically "wtf? he lived, right? Oo right??" for a week, until the next episode.

For a while, I hated the main character for what had happened. And after a while, the series finished and cycled back through the episodes. I watched from the beginning.

It was when the series began again that I learned of other characters that had been lost (of course, they lasted maybe an episode, tops, and were never really referenced again), and finally could put the pieces together.

24 came up again, and I laughed as I did before. Silly kids.

And then I rewatched 29, and realized exactly what had happened. It hadn't been deliberate--the actual scene had mostly been self-defense gone lethal. With this new revelation, I stopped hating the hero.

As it is, he doesn't have many haters, as he's quite popular in fandom (along with his girlfriend, his sister, and his best friend-rival-ally).

The character in my icon? Has a handful of appearances, and only two or three major scenes. He's part of a team of popular guys (after all, everyone talks about them), but he's rather overlooked by fandom.

That's where I come in. I'm not the only one, however--the kid has a slowly growing fanbase. There's even a community for the pairing I like him in; the link is in my userinfo, if anyone is curious.

It's rather sad, the ones who get overlooked. I consider it a mission to remember them, even if nobody else does. Who cares if they're fictional? People deserve to be remembered.

If anyone is curious about the fiction I wrote, it's in my calender for last April. Same dates, 15 and 17.

So, that's it. Fanblather least for this entry. Expect part II on the 17th!


(In honor of his actions at the Artemis base...after all, it certainly was an infiltration!)
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