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Entry 456 - Alarms and Answers

So first off: I was happily sleeping this morning. Happy random dreams.

Around 9-something I was rudely awakened by the sound of an alarm--not my clock, beside my bed, but something much louder.

Something set the smoke detectors off. All three of the wired-in ones, and not the battery one.

Cue me covering my ears and my mom and brother trying to hit buttons to shut them up. Nothing doing, these things kept going and going.

Cue the only remaining option: cut the circuit to them and interrupt them. Guess who shares the circuit?

Bedroom 3. Also known as my room. So we sacrifice my room's power for a bit while they interrupt the power to the detectors so they'll stfu for a while. Bring it back up, they're quiet. Problem solved.

I don't like being wired to those damn things, for the record. Rumor is they're being replaced due to age anyway, they're as old as the house and way past due on replacement. Good.

It was 9:45 when all was said and done, and I decided to try and get more sleep. Woke up around 2. Yay.

otakusailorwars quick news: we have begun the final battle entry. Time to save the world! :)

Now, for a little randomness: I was LJ-interviewed, so here's the results.

(1. If you could change 1 thing about yourself, what would it be and why?) One thing? I can't really think of anything. Maybe my short temper, if that's possible, or my random bouts of shyness. Not sure.

(2. Which would you rather have: ajob that makes you happy and no free time, or a job that gives you a good amount of free time but doesn't make you happy?) This is rather ironic, seeing as I have a job that makes me happy (most of the time) and gives me plenty of free time. Hard choice.

(3. What’s in your CD player at the moment?) Ahaha. :) Still TMR, he's taken up residence.

(4. Name a song that holds a special meaning for you and explain why you chose it. What event or time in your life does it remind you of?) Oh dear. I honestly don't have an answer for this one, nothing's coming to mind. Oops.

(5. What are your plans for the future, both near and far?) Well, current plans include group lunch sometime (Carlin, RJ, Jess, pick a place and a day), a haircut (I'm getting shaggy again), and shopping. I have a pair of shoes I want, ha. Future I suppose I should make that cheesecake someday, and the carrot cake, and those cookies...lots to bake. Besides all those, I want to walk more, and exercise. After all, winter's gotten me lazy. At least work helps burn calories!

(BONUS!: What are you most afraid of?) Oh dear, another tough one. Being forgotten, I guess. Being gone and just not existing anymore, and being like I never did. Something like that, I suppose. Hard to explain.

So, on that note: anyone want an LJ-interview? I'll try not to get too intimate if anyone asks.


(I love my little star mood icon. It's all blank and question-mark-ish. Socute~)
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