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Entry 455

Okay, for those of you who know me, I randomly celebrate character birthdays. Most of the time, it's my favorites, or just ones I remember. I remembered one today.

Said character is the one in the icon for this entry.

He's a rather minor character in his series, but he's grouped in as major cast. He has a few moments of screentime, but he only really has two shining moments (episodes 6 and 29).

He's rather social, but only really is seen with a few people: his parents or his teammates.

He has no canon pairings, but oh, the subtext. I came up with a random pairing for him.

The slashy subtext pairing has a fan community now. I love this idea, and of course I joined.

He's all but forgotten overall, as the majority of the fandom overlooks him. Not sure if it's by accident or not, but it's kinda sad, he's really adorable.

He has one song connected to him, and he plays it well. I always did like piano music. :)

He is loyal, brave, and very trustworthy. He's also quite the little strategist. Don't let the innocent look fool you, he can be just as dangerous as his teammates.

I've probably bored all you readers with this by now. This is mostly an entry for me. I hope for inspiration.

Happy birthday, Nicol Amarfi. May your song go on forever.

I should write some more of those memory pieces (April 15/17) like last year. After all, even the dead ones deserve some love, right?

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