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Entry 454 - Dark Winter, Bright Spring

Definitely felt like spring today. Yesterday was nice, but today...definitely like spring.

I did my shopping yesterday as planned, and even stopped for food along the way. I got the things I wanted (mostly a lot of cookies, but some other good things and a little gift for Carlin), and I went home feeling quite good.

Today, I went back across town to do something I ran out of time to do yesterday: a GU trip.

Rather quiet when I first arrived, but it slowly filled up. I had a decent time, and got to try something I've been planning for a while...

...there's no section in a book for "baby's first ramune," is there? :)

I bought a melon one first off. It was odd trying to open it (plastic thing, push this and then use this to push that wtf marble), but I managed to figure it out. Not too bad. It's very green :)

I bought an orange one for later. Someday I'll try the strawberry and peach, maybe even the lychee.

The lychee one is white. Like coconut-white. Maybe I'll wait on that one a while...

But yes, the melon one is very good and rather pretty, being in a glass bottle and being very green. I like green, maybe that's why I decided to try it.

Cat and Carrie had orange ones. Carrie had a strawberry one last night. I decided to be different and go for the melon one, but I still got an orange for later. Rather nifty bottles, but still, wtf with the marble? It's pretty, but it just seems really weird having the marble in there.

Makes a nice sound in the bottle, though. *clinks marble* :)

So anyway, as you all were. Just making a little update.

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