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thanks for the comments..... I love you people!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy. people have posted comments about my entries, and I feel soooooo flattered. I LOVE YOU ALL! smoooooches!
as promised, I will print that poem from Carrie in here. hope you all like it!

"The Elements: an original poem by Carrie King"

We fight with virtue
Virtue is fire

We think with wisdom
Wisdom is lightning

We make friends with trust
Trust is water

We right wrongs with justice
Justice is earth

We are full of life
Life is wind

Bring together friends
Friends are inferno

and that was written by our dear sweet Carrie. I hang the original copy on my wall to remind me of things. Thanks Carrie!!!!!!!
I went out to Broadway Park today, and I rode my bike down there. on the way down, it's downhill, but on the way back, it's ALL uphill. *sigh* I am still tired from the trip back. I'll sleep real well tonight. and speaking of sleep.... *yawn*
better go to bed soon, or I'll fall asleep at the computer..... again........ lol
later...... Virgo
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