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Entry 453 - Winter/Spring

So out of boredom (and craving for discounted v-day candy), I decided to make a walk down to the local corner drugstore and buy a few things. A couple of folders, a few things of candy, little odds and ends.

Jess H, I have a gift for you. A little thing I thought you might like, I can drop it by any time.

I'm planning on making a cross-town trip tomorrow, again to buy a few things that I didn't get here. Besides, the library is over there, and I'd like to see about checking out books again. We'll see.

The weather today is fabulous. A little breezy, but at some point during the walk down I was able to take my jacket off for a while. Absolutely lovely weather. It's almost like a heatwave :)

But, as you may ask, it's still winter, so how warm could it be? It's about 30-something, I think. Still, however, 30+ for more than one day? Heatwave by our standards! :)

I'm determined to let myself get back into a routine. I want to walk more, to get outside and enjoy the nice weather when I can, to get back into my regular playing progress... be able to write again, without it being a stress and a struggle to get words out.

It might take some time, but I'm ready. I want to go back to routine. I don't want to fall behind again.

So if you'll excuse me, the world needs saving again. :)

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