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Entry 450 - RP History

First, regarding the previous post: ahaha, I inspired someone else to post about it. :) Love you, Sara-chan.

I have an hour or so of free time before I must be off for today's events, but I figured I could easily pop out an entry beforehand. So, here I am, with another topic: my history in RPing, as of today.

Anyone who gets bored easily might want to skip this one, too. It gets rambly at times. Also, beware of flying rants, and you might need some popcorn at times. So, get settled, and here we go.

In all actuality, the beginning was rather pitiful. I had one person I would RP with at random times, and I found her rather boring. After all, she played the same character every time, and said character was so puffed up with powers and abilities that my characters seemed very weak by comparison.

Through my travels on the internet, I learned of the "mary sue" and her qualities. Matching the list to the character I was faced with, I made a confirmation. I was dealing with a heinous mary sue and her suethor.

Of course, the other player insisted, her character wasn't a sue because she wasn't perfect. So? I asked her. She doesn't need to be, she's well-loved by all the characters and you said that yourself. There's so much information you gave in her profile that matches the signs of a mary sue.

After a while, we split apart. Last I knew, she was still writing horrible suefic with this same sue in every single story, no matter the series.

I wandered alone for a while. Remember Sara-chan, listed above? She and I were RP buddies for a time, before stress and life took over and we parted ways. We still see each other on LJ, though.

I almost had a chance to RP on GJ, except that one never got off the ground. Oh well.

The summer of 2005 hit, and rumors in the marysues community circled around about a sue-themed parody RP. Me, being curious, followed the discussion and located the game in question, freshly made and open for applications. I had never done an application for a game before.

I decided to give it a shot. The game? otakusailorwars.

I dug back into the internet to refresh myself on the series it was based on so I would be ready in case questions came up. It took a while, but I finished the application and sent it in.

The waiting period drove me crazy. I think it was about a week before I was replied to, and it felt longer.

When I was told I was in, I was thrilled. I created the journal and jumped in.

Of course, still being new to play-by-post, I set my character in the park, open for interaction. It took me a while before I got into the game and started throwing my character into action.

It was even longer until she actually joined a battle. I was working on my confidence.

After about a year since the game's open, and several changes of command, we had the set of mods and the long list of characters. Of course, every game is not without a few hitches...

There was unexpected mod drama. Of course, it was mod drama that I not only learned about, but realized how the results could affect the game.

Eventually, the mod drama ended. We have our current mod duo, and gameplay progressed.

Sometime last year, I decided to go for a second character, as the character limit was high by then (3 each for current players, still two for new ones). Everyone else was all excited about getting thirds, so I figured "hey, I think I can handle two by now."

After a bit of thought and some random ideas, my second character was tossed up for voting. She got in.

Now I had two girls to work with: the sensible fashion designer and the silly gamer dork. :) I loved them both.

The events leading up to the first transformation of my second character were so fun, I almost didn't want them to end. After all, Suzume and all her videogame references? Those were fun to put in.

We're about a year and a half into this game by now, and a few months ago I created my third character and put her up to vote. This one was a bit harder, as she had to be a sue, but I tried my best. A few pieces of her application were written, re-written, and altered many times before the final product.

Eventually, though, she did get in, and I've played with her a little bit. She'll probably get more involved after her own first transformation, though. :)

Right now, I guess I'm in a low point. The game's rule is that we post at least one character every two weeks at most, and I'm approaching the two-week idle mark (it'll be Sunday, actually). I'm still trying to come up with an idea, and rapidly running out of time.

I honestly wonder if a cosplay plot would work ingame someday. Maybe I'll pitch the idea. :)

Even if it's just a crackplot, I want to come up with something to work with.

So there you go, my long and boring RP history, simply because I wanted to post it. I should be off, though, have stuff to do before I head out and all. Might be on tonight, not sure.

I'm still wondering what happened to the room last night. Did it eat everyone, or did you all get bored? I came back from being idle and everyone left, so I just went to bed.

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