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Entry 449 - What Defines A Person remember a few minutes ago, when I mentioned I would be making a "yay shiny new things" post? Yup, this is the one I meant. The subject line? Is totally relevant.

So I've happily browsed youtube in the past (yay things I never got to watch) and then I found that people had entire video files of videogames being played. The first one I found was one called "Skies of Destiny" and it was really nice.

The game? Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The video cut out the world-jumping (except for Traverse/Twilight Towns) and kept in the major battles. It was like watching both sides of the story happening at the same time.

I marked it into my favorites file. After a while, I had to make a youtube folder for my lovely finds.

This brings me to the subject line and what it connects to. In my browsings of the internet, I discovered that someone had put up a new game, in all its parts. It was the third game in a rather-popular series, but it was still interesting enough on its own. The video was well-done: original language with subtitles.

I watched the first chapter and I was hooked. It took me a couple of days, but I watched all nine chapters and the epilogue. I found myself hurting by the end, because everything was just so final.

The game, for those who are interested (and want me to stop being so vague), is Xenosaga III.

I went into the video-watching not really knowing much: from what I had read about the first game on videogamerecaps (they were working on the first game, and doing a wonderful recap), I knew names and faces, and vague bits of information. I squealed when I recognized these people in III.

I found myself collecting favorite characters. Miyuki has the hots for her sempai, I stand by my words. Watch out, Allen, you have competition for Shion's heart (and not just by her former boyfriend and android girlfriend, either, heh).

I not only liked the storyline, but the battles as well. After all, watching the party get their arses handed to them very hard, only to revive automatically a few seconds later? Yay spiritual insurance.

Not just the character battles, either. The mecha battles? Even cooler (go go ES Asher!) :)

About the second time I watched through it all, I started making a "battle death count" out of humor. One of my favorite characters had the highest count at the end (9 times! I understand he's practically god, but still...that's pushing it a bit, dearheart), and it was only after I watched both sidequest battles that I got the actual total (serious, one of them really upped his count...5-6 times in that one battle).

But the ending really got me. Everything was all wrapped up, and everyone's roles were finalized. Characters accepted their destiny, and all the events fell into place. Watching it all play out, though...I couldn't help but feel like I was there.

A good ending should do that. It didn't seem fake, or rushed; it just happened, and slowly built up to the tail end. Everything was final, and those that left will see the others in the future.

On the other side, in another world, in another time and place...they'll meet again.

After I finished watching, my mind being what it is, I did my normal thing: casting anime characters in the roles of the game. This one would be a bit difficult--after all, there was a lot of emotion involved, and many scenes involving technical stuff. I had to choose wisely.

Those of you who are bored by now should probably leave, as it's not going to get any more exciting. What follows is my idea of random creativity, with the casting and all. Final warning. :)

I made a mental list of the series(s) I knew, and the characters from each, and I thought about who would work well. Oddly enough, several of the principal cast members are actually listed as dead, and I can only imagine how some of the living cast members would react to that :)

Someday, if people get curious, I may post some of the character lists here. Of course, be advised they come from the depths of my mind, and it's a rather dangerous place most of the time. :) This is the same mind that spawned the Judgment Trilogy, after all, so it has to be random and crazy sometimes!

Now, to clarify the subject line: it actually comes from the first game, in a rather amusing scene. The idea of someone just touching a monster and having it dissolve on contact, and then not really explaining how? Very confusing. I'm sure the main character is still wondering how it worked.

It's a rather cute scene, though, because she and her partner are all "omg how'd you do that?" and said character in question is all like "well, everyone has something they're good at, and this is mine :) what is it that defines you?"

The conversation pretty much ends there, but it's a very good question.

So, to open this for questions, my dear readers: as he asks, "what is it that defines you?"

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