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Entry 448 - Winter

First things first: OMFG SNOW. This year's been good to us! :)

Second, in case she might be reading this: oi, Youji-chan? Did you still want to meet? If so, when? I'm free today, so let me know. Also, if we're meeting: where?

And I have something to show you if you're interested. :) Pictures of hot people!

So anyway. I went online last night as planned, and it went well. I'll probably be on tonight and possibly tomorrow night, depending on my mood (and how early I need sleep, heh). After all, Friday will be a long day, and I have work Saturday as well, so this weekend might be a bit messy.

Note to self: check work schedule on Friday, rumor is only one day next week?

I love this: I'm gazing out the window and just watching the snow flurries. I love winter.

Oh, now it's picking up. :) yay winter. Lots of snow to do things with.

...of course, providing the weather isn't too cold and we have time to goof off, that is.

*looks at icon* After reading the recent CFUD archives, part of me wonders what a good "Loveless" name would be for these two. My mind offers "Fearless" as an idea, but does that work for both of them?

...perhaps I need to write something soon. The ideas are in the middle of a seven-bunny pileup now.

otakusailorwars news: still trying to come up with ideas. After all, my three girls all need some playtime, and Suzume's a spotlight hog :) maybe something with Andie and Blob-chan?

Of course, Andie needs to be enlightened about the liberation army, but I can always do that in the future.

Random trivia: Meredith thinks of Domani as "purple man" and wonders where he gets his clothes. Personally, I'd wonder where to get something like that, too--after all, that cloak must be a rare item! ♥

...wonder how much snow we'll get out of this today.

In other news: I'm thinking of working on the long-hyped sequel-sequel at some point, once everything settles back down. It requires a bit of rewriting, but I'm going to try and make it better than the previous two parts of the trilogy. Plus, this third part will have a lovely bonus chapter! Yay extras.

In random news: I have chocolate sandwich biscuits. I love my coworkers. ♥

So now, I post this. Beware, though: a random "look at me with new shiny things" post is soon to come.

And to repeat from earlier: OMFG SNOW. :)


(This song actually fits the icon, I think. Wow, guys.)
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