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Entry 446 - Stress Overload

So it's 7:03 am, I have a cup of hot cocoa and a lovely bagel with cream cheese beside me, and a topic to write about. In other words: I'm ready to write, and hopefully someone's ready to read.

This week, I have been slated to work four days. Today, I came into work and the scheduled truck never showed. Given the option to return home, I did. Yay breakfast.

Of course, this still leaves the other three days. No problem, though. I don't mind waiting.

However, this brings me to the main subject of the entry. Not only do I have my other three days of work, but I have other things going on as well. I haven't written anything since early in the month, and I rarely ever hang out with people anymore. This week is one of the busy ones, and I really don't know how to handle it.

Maybe I just need to work on trying to focus on my problems. Thing is, though, I feel randomly guilty about focusing on myself. This week, though, I suppose I'll just have to work on that.

This made sense to me at the time, so if any of you are curious as to what I'm talking about, let me clear it up.

I work three other days this week, I have things going on three days this week, and I'll be at "2-week idle" for the game on Sunday. I'm still trying to come up with ideas, though, so maybe I can pull something together. I have three perfectly good characters, I should be able to work out something.

Mom did say something about going out to breakfast tomorrow after work, though. :) I like that idea.

I guess I'm just in a funk of sorts. I've had to drastically change my social life, and now I guess it's just suffering. Maybe I just need to take it easy for a bit.

If people don't see me online much this week, don't worry. I'm just taking a little break. I need it, after all.

Oh, and Dusty? We should talk about how Thursday/Friday will go, and what I should bring. :)

So, let's post this, and I'll update again very soon.

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