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Entry 444 - Winter Cleaning

No, not spring cleaning, it's not spring yet. We've barely had winter!

On a complete whim last night (blame boredom, I am), I decided to work on some more of my room. It's not so bad now, as there's more space on the floor, and I can actually see carpet. :) I hope to make some big changes someday.

I plan on painting the walls lavender. The reason for this is because one of my bookcases (the one we moved in here when we got the house) has tiers, each one being a different color (bottom is light green, middle is white, top is lavender).

My carpet is mint green, my walls and ceiling are currently white. Just need the lavender to finish it off! :)

I also talked to mom about getting taller bookcases for when her armoire is moved to the other room. To be truthful, it wasn't supposed to be in here anyway, but my room was the only place that could fit it. It's been in here all this time.

That isn't to say I haven't put some of my stuff in it, too. A lot of my random costuming stuff is in there, along with my scarves and gloves and all.

When I was younger, I never seemed to keep my room clean, and I remember at one point mom coming in with boxes and bags to cart my stuff to the basement. I eventually learned from that, and started cleaning more often. Of course, I'd "reward" myself by bringing up little things from the basement stash to put back in my room. I made them fit, though, and they didn't clutter!

I'm happy how well my carpet has held up over the years (I've kept it pretty clean). It's still pretty, and only needs some shampooing in certain spots (the closet, ugh). I make sure to vacuum more often, too, because I get dust and fur and stuff that morphs into furry gobs and either gets thrown in the trashcan (green to match the carpet!) or gets vacuumed up early enough to not gob., all this entry so far has been about my room. :) I'm going to continue!

The room isn't getting completely redone, but there will be some major changes. I still remember rearranging for the computer desk: the dollhouse used to be in this corner, but we couldn't put the desk anywhere else (it's my brother's old one, kinda beat up but still useful) so we moved the dollhouse over to my window by the closet. It works well enough there.

My television started out as a 13" on a little three-legged table in the corner by the other window. When that little tv died (after about...8-9 years? it held up surprisingly well), we got a bigger one, and we worried about the table.

Solution? One year I got a lovely gift: a rather large tv cart with space for my videos and players and all. Fit nicely in the table's spot, and the table was used for something else.

My nightstand used to be a white table with legs that could be taken off and put back on. Last I knew, it was in the bathroom and I have the nightstand that matches this computer desk.

Even my computer eventually got an upgrade, from my custom blue desktop to a spiffy little laptop! :)

Mom originally offered to change the overall layout of my room (move this, move that, etc.) but I really like how it's set up. We eventually realized it wouldn't really work anyway, so it'll stay like it is now.

She also mentioned changing my closet a bit: raising the bottom rack on the wall so I could hang more clothing in there, for example (as I have about a half-dozen or more dresses hanging on the closet door), and removing some of the irrelevant things from the top rack (the family crib mattress). I plan on adjusting some of the things on that white bookcase in there at some point (it's so tall, and I have things on every shelf).

I also should find space for the things on top of the armoire: games and bags, and a bunch of pillows. I might just leave them up there until plans are made to move the thing, though.

No joking here: I really do have four bookcases in this room (five if you count the closet one)! Three are pretty much full; one is full on the bottom and the top shelf is almost full. Mom says that I should donate some books to the United Way bin again: I think I will, actually. I have tons that I bought on impulse and are taking up space (does anyone actually read the Babysitters Club books anymore? I have a couple...), so I should definitely pass them off to someone who might read them. Sharing the book reading love! ♥

So in non-room news, I bought myself a datebook; the actual calender will come next time I go to the mall. It fits into my work purse well enough, so I can just write down my schedule in it (I tucked a pencil into the binding of it). Easier than scrambling for paper and a pen!

I realized I have a lot of little notebooks and journal type things. Last night I found a pretty dark blue journal with fuzzy covers; apparently I've had it for a while, I think it was a gift one year. Never used, even. I suppose I should come up with something to write in it!

Still no actual snow yet. What little we get is soon washed away by rain. Begging for snow in February, at least?

otakusailorwars news: slow. I guess we're all still trying to get back into routine after the crazy holiday season. :) Gameplay does make progress, though. Two crystals left to find!

I'll post again soon, when I have more to talk about.


PS: Wow, this song on repeat? I suddenly want to go visit this place. :)
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