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Entry 443 - New Year, Again

So this is 2007. Almost three days in, and it's not feeling any different from this time last year...well, except for a few things.

This time last year I was still a teenager.

This time last year I was a lazy bum who did almost nothing.

This time last year, I wasn't writing very much, if at all.

It's 2007, and all those things have changed. I've been happily employed since the end of June, and I'm making money to spend on things I want (which, lately, has been food and books).

I'm writing again, and I'm almost done chapter three of Dark Moon Rising. Rejoice, people! :)

I'm up to three characters in OSW and I'm enjoying it. Even if Meredith has to wait on her senshi-powers for a little. She can drink her coffee in the meantime and watch the fireworks.

So question: those of you who read this, would any of you like to see the Judge Trilogy (my three stories, including this one) posted here or just linked? Or is it a waste of time/you're not interested/*insert reason here*?

I'll finish this now, since I work tomorrow and I need sleep eventually. I'll try harder to update more, I promise.


PS: See current music title? That's what inspired the subject line! :)
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