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Entry 442 - Holidays's Christmas Eve, and there's not a trace of snow anywhere here. Something is wrong with the weather.

I haven't wrapped any of my gifts yet, so I plan to do that today/tonight.

Remember me talking about my third OSW character? Meet coffeesenshi - Meredith, the caffeine addict. She makes a good change from sensible Andie and dorky Suzume, anyway. Happy trio, heh.

This marks my first winter holiday season as a retail witch (I went as one for halloween :) kinda fun), so now I can officially say I've seen the horrors up close and personal. No, I'm sorry we don't have any, but my magic doesn't work that way, thank you.

Oh well. Hopefully when I have to go back, things will be calmer again.

I should write again sometime soon, I'm so out of practice. So far, for OSW alone, I've written two one-shots and I have the first two parts of the unfinished trilogy up. This third part is seriously kicking my arse, here. I mean c'mon, boys, you all know how to fight, remember?

So just for fun, I'm opening this up for a little game. Got something to ask one of my characters? Go for it! :) Favorites, opinions, top 5 lists, anything goes. I think of it as fun practice.

In the meantime...time to post and do stuff. I'll update again soon...sooner than a month or so. Really, I promise.


PS: ...okay, maybe I'm sort of getting used to the new update page, but I miss the old one. It just worked better for me.
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