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Entry 441 - Dark Moon Rising (4)

...still going. At least I'm up to the first battle scenes (chapter two, woo). Maybe I'll get this done soon.

I'm shooting for before Christmas, anyway.

Speaking of the holiday season, though, I'm wondering if an OSW secret santa writing challenge would be a good idea or not. Tabi, dear, if you see this, can we talk? If not, I'll just file it away for other use.

The third character is finished and posted for voting, so all that's left is waiting. I'm still nervous, but then, I was during the first two. Look how far I've come! :)

So this weekend brings a storm, or so the map and forecast say. Standard procedure up here is to go grocery shopping the day before and stock up on supplies...even if you've just recently been shopping.

No, it's not overreacting. Why are you all looking at me like that?

Anyway, just a quick entry to update people and let those who read this journal know I'm still around.

Hey, local pals, want gifts from me? Or cards, or candy? Drop me a line. Anyone else? I can still write fic of any kind for you. Anyone who wants holiday giftfic, request away. I need to write more.


PS: New repeat-worthy song. Slow, but pretty. Makes me think Osric/Oroka. :) Or Shizuka making puppy-eyes at Osric.
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