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Entry 439 - Dark Moon Rising (2)

...yeah, it's still going. Or it would, if I could get un-stalled.

I'm determined to avoid going online until I get over this hump, though, so I can work undistracted. I know how the NaNo crowd feels. And I don't even have a time limit, though I'd like to get it done before the end of the month (first part was on the site two months ago, second last month, would like to get the trilogy finished before the end of this one to match).

Before anyone asks "oh, how are you up so early, it's a day off and usually you sleep until afternoon" -- I felt like being up, okay? I woke up around 10, didn't feel tired enough to go back to sleep, so I made a bit of lunch and now I'm here. Was like that yesterday, only I woke up and mom and I went grocery shopping soon after. Yay shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I made a long-awaited walk down to the neighborhood market. Only gone from the house for about an hour or so, including stops and wait times (like crossing the busy streets). Nice weather, too.

So I have more candy, including some peppermint sticks. I would've bought candy canes, but I'll wait a while on those. Maybe if I still go to the mall tomorrow after work, I'll buy some. *loves peppermints*

...I have a lot of books. Maybe a couple of big bookcases will help.

If anyone wants ficlets from me for the upcoming holiday season, do ask. I'm willing to write, it keeps me busy and keeps me from getting lazy and all. Besides, I need to keep my skills fresh, after all.

Now, to go light a proverbial fire under my muses so I can get past this first chapter and into the real stuff!


PS: This song's another one worthy of being on repeat. :)
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