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Entry 438 - Dark Moon Rising

In case you're wondering, "Dark Moon Rising" is now the official title of the sequel-sequel referenced last post. So yes, means I've started writing it.

One reason people should read it: one of the chapter titles is "Night of the Royally Screwed" and it should be pretty funny. C'mon, do people like humor anymore?

Come, read and indulge in the adventures of Nikado and Domani as they hang out with Shizuka's dream harem and fight for love and justice in another world.

I know someone out there is looking at me funny. Oh well, I just have an overactive imagination.

And to think, this little trilogy only got inspired for one part, from the senshi reports on the website.

Speaking of the website, once this is finished, all three parts will be up there and in my pinkstarandie journal, so no way for someone to not be able to read them unless both the site and LJ are down. In which case, I have the original copies on my computer and can gladly e-mail them. :)

So those of you looking forward to this, do rejoice! It shall be done...eventually.

*listens to music*


PS: I like this song :) can have it on repeat now.
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