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Entry 437 - Autumn

So yeah, I'm behind on posting, oh well. I've been busy and distracted lately.

Sequel-sequel is...not being written yet. I did a bit of research on the banned ones and their senshi/knight forms and wow, the boys are screwed either way. Should be interesting come battle time.

Halloween is next week. I get to work, and I want to dress up but I have no ideas. Anything good gets scrapped easily because I have to be able to work in whatever I wear. So yeah, kinda difficult.

Not much else to update with, I think. Hope everyone enjoyed the sequel, and I'll try and get the next one out soon.

Speaking of the story, I'm curious: for those fans who look forward to each part, what keeps you coming back? Is it worth re-reading? Anything I should change/add? I like feedback. :)

...and I really like this song. It's repeat-worthy now. ♥


A note to self: write fic for icon pair for 10/29. It's required for the day.
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