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Entry 436 - Sequels

It's complete, but not up yet. Anyone who's anxious to read it, you might be a bit disappointed, it's not very good (or as good as the first, anyway). At least it's done, though.

Those who await the sequel-sequel (no title yet, but soon!), expect a couple of new characters. Can any of you believe that this is still going, with none of my characters? I can't. It's fun to be writing, though.

So yeah, clear and sunny again today. It's not very warm, though, but I don't mind. :) Flannel weather comes soon!

I'll be sure to update this when the story's up. Then all you anxious ones can run over and read it (will be on pinkstarandie). Just wait a bit longer.


Edit, 3:48 pm: Story's up in all four parts! Go read, curious fans. ♥
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