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Entry 435

So the last time I updated, it was the end of September. Need to fix that, it's now a couple weeks into October.

Halloween is coming up, and I'm excited. Still wondering if I have to work that day, though, since I have plans for later in the day that could be moved back an hour if necessary. Oh well.

The weather sucked yesterday, and a pole near the interstate ramp snapped right in half. What an exciting thing to see coming off work, another blockage at the on-ramp. Oh well, at least nobody got hurt, right?

Planning goes on for the sequel (and sequel-sequel) to the fic linked to last entry. Right now, I have more ideas for the third piece than the second, so I have to start concentrating. Should be good once I get it finished...I think.

I have a second character in otakusailorwars by now. Her name is Suzume Nakahara (found at kazesuzume if anyone wants to know), and I'm slowly getting used to her. Now I just need to find more to do with her, I'm idle right now.

I haven't forgotten about Andie (pinkstarandie), though. She's currently stargazing with one of the other guys, and having fun. That reminds me, I have to post in that.

Haven't written anything really good lately, sadly enough. I'm determined, though, to work on this thing.

I'm happy it's so nice today, but not so happy I'm inside. Maybe I can escape into the front yard and rake leaves or something....even though we don't have many leaves as it is. Gives me time outside, anyway, right? ♥

Wow, shorter entry than I thought. I guess I'll have to have some interesting material for next time I post.

...which will be soon, promise, not over a month or anything. Seriously, for real.


(PS: Note the music? It's not the same OST :) I figured you all needed a change!)
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