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Entry 434 - Sequels of Sequels

The title is relevant, I promise. :)

In fact, here's why: if anyone's interested in reading a fanfic/origfic hybrid crossover experiment five-part humor thing, all five parts are up in my RP journal, located at pinkstarandie and they're all LJ-cut.

So go ahead, read and leave concrit. I like feedback. ♥

I have a sequel planned, and someone made a joke about how I should have a sequel to the sequel (see where the subject line comes in, gang?). I might, it depends on if I can get the first sequel done.

Seriously, the story has snarky people and druggie songs and catfights. Well, okay, the snarky people and the "acid trip" songs, anyway. The catfight...well, it almost happened. Almost .

So I haven't updated this thing since my birthday and it's almost October. Speaking of which: hey, Carlin? What can I get you this year? Anything at all, even if it's just lunch or something. You name it. :)

I need to write. Perhaps I'll stick that five-parter in fadingdaydream and see if anyone there (all person, maybe) likes it.

The trees are changing, but a lot of them lost leaves before they could change, so there's not as much color as there could be. Oh well, maybe next year. Can anyone believe next month is Halloween? It's coming right up.

...and we're already getting in the Christmas stuff at the store. Jingle bell wreathes and shiny ornaments, it's almost too much to bear. It's kinda festive, though. Yay shiny objects.

No, I'm not shopping-obsessed. Book-obsessed, maybe. Just call me Yomiko. :)

I'm actually looking forward to the holidays as they come (always looking forward to winter, ha) and I'm wondering how they work at the store. Hey, Dusty, are there special things during the holiday times? I'm curious. :)

If so, I not only have a pair of cat ears, but also a Santa hat. I have magic wands and jingle bells. I'm all set.

One of my favorite local bookstores carries manga now, so I picked up the first two volumes of Fruits Basket last time I was there. I'm going to start collecting the series (second active one I'm working on).

Uo/Hana/Tohru is cute. Kagura is wonderful. Yuki and Kyou fighting rules, and Shigure is a lazy bum. ♥

Momiji? So much love for the bunny. It's good he's there to keep an eye on Hatori (who's not bad himself, but oh man, the eye thing? Owowow).

Anyway. I've digressed, sorry about that. It's my journal, right? I get sidetracked a lot.

So yeah, work has been generally decent. Shorter hours, but we're getting used to the new unloading system and all, so it works out well. I'm not fond of plastic anymore, though, since I had to pull tons of it from the new stuff going out on the floor today. I wound up feeling not-so-great after it all.

Mom did take me by McD's on the way home, though, so I could get something to eat. A bowl of cereal at five and a short snack at 8? My stomach is like "rawr I hate you so empty blah" and stuff. Food is nice.

Or maybe it was just me today. I'm used to the 6:30 mornings instead of the 6 ones now. Coming in a half-hour later means sleeping in a bit longer. Yay bed.

So now that I've filled all of you in, here's an idea: anyone who wants to comment, just start up a discussion about something. Anything. Writing, icons, polls, opinions, stupid jokes, anything. I'll answer it all.

I need some inspiration, anyway. I'm out of practice on writing, and I have all those notebooks...

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