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Entry 433 - Birthday

So go me, I'm officially 20 today. Funny, it doesn't seem much different than being 19.

I didn't get much, but no problem here; I have my own money to buy things. Mom said something about dropping by when I get off work tomorrow and we'll do some shopping. A good idea indeed--I'm low on work pants. :)

We did pizza for dinner and mom picked up an ice cream cake. Nothing too big, so there won't be much left over.

After so many hours of work today (8, I think) and then having a friend over, I was pretty tired. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep on the ride home or anything, I yawned pretty hard. Still yawning now, actually.

I get to sleep in a half-hour tomorrow, since I start a little later than usual. Sleep is good ♥

So if anyone's looking for me online, I'm logging on now. I should do some writing! :)

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