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Entry 432

So, I saw the dub premiere of Bleach tonight. Not so bad, I'll say an 8/10. :)

For the people who haven't seen it, I won't give spoilers. Anyone who wants to discuss it, feel free to leave a comment and we'll have a happy discussion there or something.

I work today. Today, tomorrow, my birthday, and the two days after. Five straight days again.

Of course, we're doing price changes again, so it's an "all hands on deck" type deal. No problem. Here's my thoughts:

Hours + more hours = good money, right? So hours + more hours + even more hours = big money. :), I feel like a brat now. Is it wrong that I like earning my own cash? I'm able to spend my own money, but then I really don't like chucking cash around. I save and then spend.

And if anyone doesn't care, skip this entry. It's mostly just me talking to myself online. I do that a lot, it's almost kinda fun. I can tell myself stories,'s not so bad, and maybe I am a bit crazy, but it helps me write.

So anyway, just a quick entry to let people know I'm still around, and thanks to the people who replied to the last entry. I'll see how it works out.

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