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Waiting friends to show up...*sigh*

I swear, I'm gonna have to start putting leashes or homing devices or something on my friends. I can't find them when I wanna just talk to them, but when we need them, they're around. Hey, guys, I bet if we were in danger or something, you'd be around to answer the phone. *sigh* My teammates are so weird sometimes.

I'm so bored, and I wanna get together with my buds and do some games and stuff like old times. Kelly and I might get together and do our own little radio show. The Anime Hour might show up soon, so beware, all of you...mwahaha. ^_^

When we all first met, I had no clue about half the stuff I know now, so I owe all of them for teaching me. We had fun and did games, hung out after school, and got together on the weekends. But now, since I'm in high school and they're back in middle school...and Kelly's in Hampden...we can't hang out as much anymore. We need a get together again and hang out like old times. We need a great place to do it, and I know of a park in Brewer that would be perfect. If we can get all 6 of us over there, and stay way after dark......yes, that would be awesome......*pondering*

Well, looks like they're here now. Or.....maybe not. Either way, I'm gonna post this and do something. Laters, all!

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