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Entry 431 - Opinions

So yes, time's passed again. Call it me having a life or something, I guess, not sure. :)

First and foremost: my birthday is next week (09/12). Big 2-0. I feel old already.

Now for the actual entry. So I have a friend (we'll call her S) who broke up with her boyfriend last year (or early this year, call him M) and started dating another boy (we'll call him B). They haven't really been together long.

I get a message on my answering machine tonight from S, who apparently is planning on marrying B next year.

Remember, for those playing at home, that she's been with him for a few months. Not even a year yet, and marriage...?

I stood there, listening to the message, and I'm thinking that this is a bad idea. Personally, I never really liked B's attitude, and rumor has it he has some of the same annoying traits that M did (omg S can't talk to any guy that isn't ME zomg, for example), but S didn't seem to mind him too much.

Plus, S is about a year or so younger than me. No offense, but marriage at 19? I dunno.

Am I being a bit ridiculous about this? Her message basically said that she was updating everyone she hoped to come to this thing, and I'm really not sure about it. I'd like some advice.

Should I just smile and nod and play along, or should I tell her flat out what I think/feel?

She has a quick temper sometimes, and she's quite a chatterbox. Definitely need advice on this one.

Thanks in advance, gang? ♥

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