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Entry 429 - Untitled Document

Yes, the subject line is a bad joke on my part. After all, that's how all stories start out, right?

No, I haven't been writing lately. I still have a prompt or two to finish for redpenwriters and maybe we'll do a prompt grid or something for fadingdaydream but in the meantime...yeah. Untitled documents.

Still listening to music, and I think this is the...fifth or sixth playthrough of the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack. Can't say I can help it, though, the music's quite addictive.

A couple mini-memes for those of you who lurk around here or whatever. First, icons. Pick one that you think matches me best, one that I should use more often, and one to explain. Use your favorite icon and tell me about that one, too.

Secondly: music. Suggest a song for me that I absolutely must have in my collection (or several, go ahead). I can always use new music, and it helps me focus on things better. :)

It took me about two and a half days, but I read through the entire archives of 8-bit Theater (and before that, the entirety of VGCats). I see why it has such a cult following now!

Local folk festival starts today, and I plan on going. Gets me out of the house and doing something besides sitting around or sleeping half the day, plus I like music, so...yeah.

I'm trying to update this thing more often, since it gets neglected and I feel bad about it. I know people get interested in what's happening (well, some people anyway), so I'll try and update more than once or twice a month.

So, another question: if I posted fiction in here, would people read it and offer concrit? Just wondering.

I love my icons. They've come from a variety of people, but they're all gathered neatly in my pictures. I feel bad for not making my own, but I really can't. I have no skill with images, only words.

...and sometimes, not even words. It depends on my mood and/or the day, I guess. :)

I should read my books again. I have a lot I've only read once, maybe I should read them again now.

This entry is getting rather random, don't you all think so? :) Maybe it means I have no life.

Then again...maybe I actually don't, am in total denial, and attempting to act like I have one.

Or maybe I have a life but I just don't know it. Or I know it, but I don't admit to it. Denial again.

Maybe I overthink things too much. Maybe I've been inside too much lately. Maybe I need to get out more.

I had a strange dream last night that I was taken in by a gang of girls that basically treated me like I was special, but when I had to leave for whatever reason (to go home for something) they got all violent and refused to let me go. Eventually I was let free by two girls who were nice, and I escaped...but I don't really understand it.

Was it supposed to represent my past? My present? My mind? Or is it a look to the future?

Either way, maybe I can write about it. I have high school OCs, it could work...

Heh. Long entry, isn't it? :) Guess I have a lot to say. Or maybe it just seems like a lot.

The weather's finally getting tolerable again. Means summer's coming to an end. It's about time, too.

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