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Entry 427 - On Writing

First of all, redpenwriters has been updated with a new challenge. Kinda fun, too, I've already finished two themes and have a third one in the works. Those grids are addictive! :)

Second, continuing on the same theme as the previous two entries, I have now in mind the LEI girls: Ashley, Chelsea, and Sophia. Yes, I'm inspired by odd things, but they help with my creativity. So sue me.

...though why Sophia would hang with trend-whores like Ash and Chels is beyond me. Silly girls.

So yes. Random update, and I'm writing again. Soon I'll be writing OSW-verse fic! :)


(Yes, you can consider this a GIP. Aren't they cute? Yay girlslash.)

(Also: actual music! Check the current music section.)
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