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Entry 425 - Ideas

It's funny when brands of pants give their different styles human names. Dockers, for example, has a style of pants with my name. Color me amused.

Gloria Vanderbilt is another. Amanda, Victoria, and Giselle. The first two must be evil or something, I had to try as hard as I could to find somewhere for the Giselle ones to go, she just didn't have a section of her own.

This, of course, has inspired me to write a story about these three. Doing what, however, I don't know yet.

And you, dear readers, are always welcome to help. ♥

But anyway. Five-day work stretch complete. I get the weekend free, work next Monday through Wednesday, and then I'm off again until whenever. I was only scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, right?

I volunteered for Monday as well. Besides, a little extra money doesn't hurt, right?

Last night sucked pretty bad. The area up here didn't have bad weather, no, but we did wind up losing power for about two hours. Apparently a tree branch came down on a line, nasty stuff. Oh well, it was resolved within two hours and we were back up.

For about 20 minutes. Then the power went back out. Apparently they weren't finished fixing lines yet.

But sure enough, under an hour later, we were back up and stable. Bring everything back up (ACs, computers, etc.) and relax.

Didn't keep me from sleeping with my tv on, though. You can all call me a coward now, honestly. :)

The soda machines in the break room didn't like me today, for some reason. Seriously, they were all "no soda for you" and stuff.

So now I'm home, enjoying a cold glass of caffeine-- I mean soda. With caffeine. :3

I seriously need to write. My hands crave it. My mind needs release.

Maybe after I sleep. Sleep always seems to help, and I haven't done much of it lately.

Glad I didn't consider the fair this year. Crummy weather, aside, mostly I've been working or sleeping the entire time it's been running anyway, so no point.

Work = money and sleep = health. money + health > fair anyday. :)

So on that note....I'm off to go sleep. Until later...

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