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Entry 423 - First Paycheck

That's right, people. Very first paycheck, covering my orientation and training days. Got it today before I left and I have a shiny file folder for all my assorted papers in the downstairs filing cabinet at home. Shiny shiny money :3!

Yesterday and today were official work days. Yesterday was just basically filling racks and sorting things, since we had a truck delivery. However, there was so much stuff and not enough space on the floor (and some seasonal stuff it was just too early for) so a lot of stock went back into backstock. Oh well. I did my time (6 am to 10:30 am, with a short break around 8:30 :) I was a little late in taking it, oh well) and I went home feeling a bit tired, but accomplished.

Day 2: today, shift from 6 am to noon. One 15-minute break at 8-something (right after morning floor meeting, with everyone's the standard, I guess) and one half-hour lunch break at 11 (clock out at beginning of it, clock back in after). Wasn't too bad.

So I have my first paycheck. It's not much, because it only covers short times (orientation and training day 1 and 2), but it's a sign of what's to come. Just think, I'm earning my own money! :)

Current running totals: so far, I have gotten lost in three departments (almost five, I came close), opened and collapsed many boxes, explored many sections, and stocked many things. Today I showed two seperate customers where the restrooms were (only place I can find! how awful!), and managed to make it through the day.

I go back Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday of next week, from 6 am to noon each day. This should be fun. least, I hope so.

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