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Entry 422 - Schedules

Yup. I am officially employed in the wonderful world of retail. Sounds like fun, huh?

I have training on Friday, and start official work next week. Early mornings, starting at 6 am.

I get off-shift at lunchtime, though, so maybe Tim can ride up to the mall area and we can do lunch or something. Depends on the day and how I'm feeling, heh. :)

I guess I'm just a bit nervous though. After all, I've never had a job before, so this is all new to me. Getting up really early, going in to set up, with a timecard and's all so new.

Exciting, yes, but a little scary as well. I'm afraid I might mess up or something. I've taken notes on what to do when I arrive on Friday, but I'm still thinking about if I mess up or something.

I only really know and recognize one of the managers, but she's pretty cool, so it's no problem. :)

I'll still need to pick out an outfit for Friday. One of my new pairs of pants and a new shirt, maybe. I'm glad I got those little black shoes, too...those fit really well and I can run around in them.

I have a timecard and a nametag lanyard. I have a locker and a personnel file.

This is all kinda cool, really. I am officially employed, and it feels good.

Now, if the jitters will leave, I'll feel better.

Meanwhile, I haven't been able to write much, and I'm bummed about that. I can think, and I can RP, but I can't write. Maybe I just have too much going on.

Hey, Carlin, did you still want to join OSW? Just checking :)

It's nice out today. I did a bit of walking, so I feel a bit better. I feel so lazy, though, sleeping in and not walking as much. I'll have to get back into a routine, then.

Yay for random entries, huh?

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