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Entry 421 - Success (2)

Guess what, people? As an update to yesterday's happy news...

...drug test complete. Results will be taken and sent to the store, and I'll be all set.

Orientation next Thursday, and they'll fill me in on everything I'll need to do. So I repeat from yesterday:


So in other news, this weather sure sucks rocks. True, the rain is keeping the weeds and pollen down, but it's causing some problems with ponding in certain areas (and flooding in others, ugh). All we can do here is keep checking the basement in hopes the sump still works.

What is a sump, you ask? Well, here's the story. When the house was built, the drainage wasn't very good. The backyard goes downhill, and we have a pipe leading from the basement to the backyard (where the garden is). This pipe is connected to a pump in the basement that keeps water from backing up and flooding the basement (if it fails, the basement floods, and it's happened twice so far).

Power outages are a risk, because if the power to the house is cut off, so is the power to the pump. On heavily-rainy days (like this week, for example), we have to keep a close eye on the pump in the basement to make sure it still works.

Ice in the pipe isn't very good, either. We had a flood one time in the winter because ice blocked the pipe and the water was backed up into the basement. Insert massive panic and cleaning the basement here.

The second time, the pipe was uprooted (or buried) and another flood happened. Insert annoyed expressions, swearing, and more cleaning here. You get the idea, right?

So yeah, rainy weather here isn't very fun, but we like hearing the sound of the sump doing its job. It just sounds like a large drain, really, when it's working, so it's easy to hear.

I've been in stages of cleaning my room lately. If I ever hope to paint my walls (I've chosen the color), I'll need to rearrange furniture and clear things from the room. Less there is in the room, less there is to clear, right?

I have loads of storage bins and boxes (and assorted shoeboxes), so storage isn't a problem.

I also have a full-size bed, four bookcases, and mom's armoire in here, though, so those will be a bit harder to move. Mom's planning to move the armoire out anyway (into the sewing room), so that will help. It was supposed to go into her room when we moved in, but her room didn't have enough, So by default, it's in mine.

Serves me right for having the biggest bedroom. Oh well, I have a bunch of my stuff in there anyway, nice extra storage.

Yes, I did say four bookcases. One tiered bookcase from when we moved in, and the three wooden ones I got as a holiday gift one year. The tiered one has three parts, each painted a different color, and it's those colors I'm using as a theme for my room.

The carpet is mint green; the ceiling will stay white, and the walls will be lavender (or February Frost as the card says), matching the colors of the bookcase. My own choices, this time.

Yes, I chose the carpet. I like the color, but it gets dirty and stained too easily. Shampooing comes soon! :)

I'm slowing down on the actual cleaning, but that's only so I can figure out where I want everything to wind up. After all, I have so much stuff and a finite amount of space, so I have to plan well.

I never thought everything could collect so much dust so fast! I'll have to dust well again so soon.

As you were, people. I'll add more entries soon.

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