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Entry 419

So yeah, I should update this thing. Close people have heard about this by now, but I want to share it more now that it looks better. People of the world: I've applied for a job.

Not only that, but I passed my first interview and I have my second tomorrow. It's looking good.

In case nobody got that, here it is translated: ZOMG SECOND INTERVIEW WOO :)

So people, wish me luck, and I might be employed so finally have my own money and no more mooching off mother yay.

Anyway, in other news...yeah. By now, most (if not all of you) have probably heard about the big icon debate going on in various communities on LJ. If not, you might've seen the "protest" icons people have made.

My stance? It's an icon. One icon slot that has to be strictly followed, out of 3+ slots. It's LJ's sandbox in SixApart's playground. We're the people borrowing time and space, so we have to follow the rules.

The idea of press releases and huge debates and mass journal-deletions is not going to change their minds. The parent company has made their choice and it's final.

The whole thing has been blown out of proportion and I will be happy when it settles back down. It's gone on for too long anyway, and it's very silly.

So in more news, I do think redpenwriters has kinda died again. I'll wait on further challenges until it picks back up, we're all in various stages of distracted or busy right now anyway.

As for fadingdaydream, we have all of three members and nothing going on, so people? Pleasepleaseplease join. We love fanfiction (we write it ourselves, too) and we'd love to revive the place. We have a huge challenge poll up with results in case people want to write something, and we'll accept any series/game/*inserthere*. Please, people?

Yeah, I suppose this is done. I'll try and write more (maybe even post more stories) if anyone still reads this old thing. In fact, here's an idea...

Should I post more of my stories, or do they just bore people?

>>Origfic only
>>Fanfic only

The choice is yours, boys and girls. Please answer?

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