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Entry 418 - Light

So, on a lighter note from that last entry, let's talk fanfiction. :)

Yes, I have seen the time. Yes, it is rather late. No, I don't care. Why do you ask? :)

Anyway. Fanfiction. How many of you who read this actually write it? Read and write it? Just read it? I'm curious.

If you write it, what sort of genre do you write? What anime/manga/game/book/movie/*inserthere* do you write for? Are there any pairings you write in particular, or ones you support? Any crack pairs/OT3/OT*insertnumber*?

For readers, just tailor the questions a bit. Anything asking about writing, sub in reading.

I know some of you write origfic as well (some of you being members of redpenwriters and frequent posters), and I do some origfic as well, and that's wonderful...but this entry isn't about origfic. Sorry, loves ♥

Anyway. Fanfiction. If you guys want a place to post it that's kinda informal, there's always fadingdaydream and we're always looking for new members. After all, it's only, what, three people right now, and two of us are co-mods? Yeah. Small group.

I'd like to know about inspiration, as well, since I'm trying to write and the mood isn't being set. What do you guys do for inspiration? If it's music, suggest songs. If it's scents, suggest those. Anything else, suggest away. I like inspiration.

If you like crack pairs or OT*insertnumber*s? Feel free to list them and the series(s) they're from. Even strange crossover team ideas will work, I have a few of those myself.

Also, if you have opinions on mary-sues/self-inserts/OCs, go ahead and post your thoughts. I'm always interested~

Yes, before you ask, I am very much awake and in a better mood having posted that nice rant in the previous entry. It helped get my story out and I feel better. Thank you for your time, everyone, and please reply to this?

Expect more entries in the future. I'll start posting more, promise.

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