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Happy matter what it is

Well, happy Thanksgiving to you all, and I hope you are all having a great time. I'm here waiting for dinner to get done, and trying to talk to some people. My friends are all busy, or I can't find them. Kelly and I aren't getting along right now, though...she's supposedly got a guy now, and I'm taking a backseat to him. In fact, all of us are in the same backseat.

I've been trying to call my other friends, but I can't get ahold of anyone. My connection is working all right, I took me a while to sign on today 'cause of the overload and on the holiday. I'm on now, though, and I am typing to all of you. So, hi everybody! ^_^

My last entry was pretty long and probably didn't make any sense, but that was 'cause of my boredom and having ginger ale. Sugar + boredom = an entry that makes no sense from a girl that makes no sense. Simple equation, right?

I'm running out of stuff to talk about all ready. This is not good. I've been watching tv all day, and I actually didn't get up until about 1 ^_^; but oh well. I didn't get to bed until late last night, so I needed my sleep. Plus, I was working on a game of mine and needed extra time. I have one thing of homework to do this weekend, and I can wait on that.

Oh, by the way, we got our 1st quarter report cards yesterday... and guess what? All A's and B's..first freshman in my family to get that, too. Honor roll! My mom owes me some ice cream for that. I think a gallon or so of mint chocolate-chip will be enough ^_~

It's cold out. I hope it'll snow soon. I love snow. ^_^

Well, I'll write again later. Right now, I'm gonna go see how dinner's coming. Mom made chocolate cream pie for dessert. She got a big can of whipped cream too.....yummy! ^_^

If you see Kitty on tonight tell her that I wish her a happy holiday and I'll see her later. >^.^< Kitty..see? ^_^

Well, laters all! I'll be back soon!

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