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Entry 416 - Muses

I love my muses. Really, I do. They're quite creative when they want to be, and I get a lot of spiffy ideas from them.

However, lately they've either been horribly lazy or working overtime. No real middle ground.

This includes both the fanfic ones and now the origfic ones, and the groups seem to be fighting each other for who gets attention.

My mind is a very strange place, apparently. Of course, it explains my writing, doesn't it? :)

In other news...I might be getting a job. Yes, you can all pick your jaws up off your floor (or computer desk), I'm serious. I have an application to fill out, and we'll see how it fares. It'd be overnight/early morning stuff, if anything, so I'd be scarce for nights, but I'm a nightowl anyway, so it fits. Might as well be useful!

Tasha and I are each working on things possibly to go into fadingdaydream and there's a new redpenwriters challenge posted. Anyone looking for something to do? We're always looking for new members. We don't bite, honest...

So yeah. So many ideas, so hard to get them all written. I might have to do some ficlet challenges here at some point, or I just might run dry on ideas again. I hate running dry on ideas >( it's never very fun, and I get stressed without writing.

...and I'm out of ideas already. Boo.

Does anyone else come up with weird crossover/crack team/pair ideas? My mind's been creating some lately.

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