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Entry 413 - Power Play

Have I mentioned I hate power outages with a very strong passion? Well, I do. Forgive the punny title, if you please.

Two hours, roughly, beginning with brownouts and finally just a blackout. We turned off power to entire house at one point to avoid frying wires or anything, and eventually just shut off power to all but the living room, where we congregated.

Highest reported gusts for us overall today: 45 mph. How's that for windstorm?

So yeah, I might write more pieces like those little tribute fanfics in the future, but we'll have to see.

I reset all the clocks in the house (all four that needed them, stove and microwave as well as mom's bedroom and mine) and then turned my fan and computer (and tv) back on. We have internet and all....but no 1-x mail. So until we get that fixed, I'll see if I can come up with another mail account.

I hate this weather. At least I made lunch before the power died, that's what I'm happy about.

40+ towns reported in power outages, and that's just Bangor Hydro. Imagine CMP's list! Unless, of course, they got lucky down there and didn't have as many problems...

Ah, well. At least it's still daylight out.


PS: Nature? Yeah. See icon, nature.

PS - Destiny: Have e-mail back now. Crisis over and all, so you can all spam my mail or something.

(First person who gets edit-tag joke? Wins a cookie and possibly a ficlet of their own~)
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