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Entry 412 - Photographs of the Past

Remember when I said this would be a two-parter? Here's part two. Is anyone actually reading these? Oo

Somewhere, Someday, Somehow

Part II: Photographs

In truth, Miriallia loved her boyfriend. Sure, he had some moments in the past where he had acted reckless, but no harm had ever occurred, so it was easily overlooked. They had been through the start of the war together, the destruction of their home, and entering the army. She had her worries, yes: one of their friends had become a pilot. She thought, however, that since the rest of them had simply become bridge crew, that they would all be together and much safer, including her and her boyfriend.

That changed, however, when Tolle became the second support pilot. That upped her worries quite a bit.

His first actual mission had been fine; a little too easy, he claimed, but fine.

Miriallia admired his courage, but then he started bragging to the others about how well he had done, and her admiration turned to annoyance.

She decided to confront him with her worries that night, while their friends were on duty. Alone in their room, with nobody else to hear.

"Your bragging has gotten out of hand," Miriallia insisted. "I'm just wondering if you know how serious this is."

"I know it's serious," Tolle replied. "I'm just showing off, you know this."

"I'm just concerned about you," Miriallia sighed, sitting on the edge of one of the empty beds. "You know this."

Tolle sat down beside her and pulled her close. "So, you want me to stop being a dork?"

"I'm not sure...I just don't think you should be bragging about something so serious as being a pilot, though."

"I'll stop the bragging if you want me to, really."

Miriallia looked up at him, hopeful. "You honestly promise?"

Tolle smiled at her. "I honestly promise," he replied. A pause, then a grin. "I am pretty good, right?"

Miriallia smacked his arm. "You promised , Tolle."

"Right, right," he answered. "Hey, at least we still have the group together, right? Nothing split us up yet or anything?"

"That doesn't change--"

"We still have each other, and memories, and pictures," Tolle continued, petting her hair. "Even if we get split up, we'll still be all together in spirit. That's what memories are for."

Miriallia sighed at him. "Just be careful out there. Come back to me in one piece."


He only kept his promise for a while after that. Miriallia respected his choice to go charging out to help, but he didn't come back as he promised. She knew he would never come back.

Sometime after the first war ended, she decided to return to where he had vanished, and brought her camera. She took as many pictures as it would hold, and saved them all. She would make a memory book, and add them to it, to bring with her.

She still has pictures of him and her together, with their friends, before the war. She doesn't want to forget.

She hopes that when they reunite, they still remember each other.

At least, Miriallia thinks, she will have the photographs to return to.

Written in memory of Tolle Koenig
April 11, CE 55 - April 17, CE 71

And there we go. Comments? Concrit? Anyone? I might have to do more of these, they're pretty good emotion releasers.

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