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Entry 411 - Music of Life

Yup, first one on schedule. I know, a little late at night, but it took a while to write this. Work with me, people~!

So without further ado, enjoy. There's a second part to this, coming Monday.

Somewhere, Someday, Somehow

Part I: Music

When his leave was granted, Athrun had only one plan in mind: to visit Lacus. Anything after that would simply be relaxing and waiting until the time was up. He didn't expect an invitation in his mail for dinner from Nicol and his parents, or for the other boy to bring up the idea of "not being alone during the break," as the letter said.

With no other plans in mind, he decided to accept. They welcomed him as almost part of the family, and they enjoyed every minute with him. Like a second family, Athrun mused.

Dinner had been simple, but good, and conversation was more about the war than he expected. Romina looked vaguely nervous about the topic, but it was obvious: her husband and son were actively involved. She had a right to worry.

After dinner, the boys were excused to the music room while Romina walked her husband outside before he left.

Athrun sank into an armchair by the window. "I'm sorry we made your mother uncomfortable."

Nicol simply smiled at him, sitting down at the piano. "She only worries about us because she loves us," he sighed. "The war's gone on for a long time, and she'd like it to be over without too many more people lost."

"It's good for her to care about people, but too much worrying might not be very healthy," Athrun commented. "Is there anything else she can do while you both are away?"

"That's one reason we have the piano," Nicol pointed. "She was the one who taught me to play, actually."

Athrun just nodded. "Something to do to keep the worries down?"

"Mm, in a way," Nicol replied, glancing down at the keys. "In my case, I do it to honor people."

"To honor people?"

"I play my song to continue the ones of those lost," Nicol smiled. "Too many go unfinished, so I try to make up for them." He paused for a second, then added: "That's what I'd like people to do for me, anyway."

Athrun rose from his chair and sat down beside him. "I'd like to do that, if possible."

Nicol glanced over at him. "You'd really do that?"

Athrun nodded again, in assent. "I would willingly continue your song for you."

Nicol laughed a bit. "Well, for you to do that," he began with a grin, "I need to teach you to play it first..."


Even now, he still misses the boy. At the end of the first war, he took up practicing the piano until he learned the song, and plays it every so often to remind himself of why he fights.

Rain or shine, he visits the boy's empty grave with flowers. Sometimes he comes alone, and sometimes he brings someone to keep him company.

He hopes that someday, they will reunite. In the meantime, he continues the song, as promised.

Written in honor of Nicol Amarfi
March 1, CE 56 - April 15, CE 71

Yes, a bit sappy, but it fits. The next one will have humor, trust me. Note the matching icons!

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