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Entry 409

Nope. No title today because I simply don't have one. So....yeah. Deal :)

I have my state ID now. Go me? My picture sucks and my signature isn't great, but it's done and over with and I don't have to do it again until either it expires (2012) or until I actually decide to drive. Whichever comes first, you know.

I've found that playing space invaders is pretty fun if I listen to music. >) particularly music by hot people, I guess.

I started up Project MS round 3, so we'll see how that goes. It's so sad how stupid and self-absorbed some people can be, and this chick claims to be 21. In age only, dear!

My writing is almost dried up. This scares me and makes me very bored. I will try to crank something out for the recent redpenwriters challenge, though, since I like spring and I have a pretty good idea for it.

Yes, I will start up stuff for fadingdaydream sometime soon. Depends on how many more people join :)

Hey, local pals? Anyone up for meeting up at some point? Doesn't matter what for, just something to do, cake and sweets and soda or something, whatever. We all kinda drifted apart.

So, in other news, if anyone has any questions they've been wanting to ask, or just things they need to tell me (or just to yell at me), go ahead and drop a comment or two...or three, or however many it takes. Vent away, I'm up for it.

And if anyone would like to do a ficlet game in the comments, start up a thread and I'll be there. Fun times ♥~

So yeah. Expect updates....the next time I update, I guess. Whenever that is.


PS: Location? When did they start this? Oo wow. Cool.
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