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Entry 408 - Weather

First of all: nature? It's winter. This weather is not winter weather. See icon, nature. >(

Second: everyone in the state? Can I get some reports on you guys and your conditions, weather/power-wise? I'm worried about all of you, y'know, I'd like to get reports.

I'm curled up in my chair with my flashlight, with the tv and computer keeping me sane. I don't like weather like this at all, people who know me really well know that I am a big coward during storms like this. It's taking all my willpower not to freak out and start screaming, heh. I'm still upstairs, so it's a start, but...

Yeah, I'll try to write later or something. I might bail downstairs if it gets too much louder, ugh this weather.

*looks up* Autosaved draft? Ooo, I like this. Of course, my computer will go on battery/wireless if the power goes out, anyway, so no worries, but still, a nice concept.

I'm nursing a bottle of root beer. I want this weather to be over now if not sooner, but oh well.

So anyway, good luck to those without power, and if you're able to access a computer, drop me a line? I worry, guys. ♥

(and hey, where are all my johari results? only two people?)

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