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Entry 407 - Debate

So first of all: baaaaaaaaa.

I'm following the herd and I'm curious for input. Go on, you know you want to~

Second, I will be writing eventually. I'm taking a bit of a break to think things over. Just be patient, fans, it'll get done soon.

Third: anyone up for a rousing debate? I am. This one is somewhat connected to the debate from entry 400, so if you're not interested in that, feel free to ignore this.

So yeah, I've seen tons of random commercials on tv lately, and they're mostly focused on kids. For example, a commercial for a movie marathon (or something) involving a teacher and student debating on how the student's last name is pronounced. The teacher insists it's one way, and the other students start in on the teasing. I think it's stupid to fight with someone over that, since I would assume they would know how to pronounce their own name. Thoughts/comments?

Also, the commercials talking about disinfecting everything in a house with small kids. I think that'd be a bad idea, since the kids won't get exposed to simple germs and will therefore have no immunity. Thoughts/comments?

So yeah. Something to do, I guess. Have fun, people~!

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