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Entry 406 - Lost Idealist

..just don't ask about the subject. It's a possible story title that came to mind earlier.

Did I mention my muses have been hard at work, possibly on overtime? Should I start paying them now?

All confusion erased, everything's settled and figured out now. Crisis over, I guess. I'll try to avoid AIM when I'm feeling particularly PMS-ish from now on, heh. Easier than snapping at people and regretting it, right?

Those two ideas mentioned a few entries ago will probably be posted eventually, once I get the muses revived for that. One of them is pulling double-duty, poor boy. I think he wore himself out, we'll wait until he's better and rested before we start writing.

Don't look at me like that, people. I'm not insane! (...not yet, anyway >) heheh.)

We kinda have ice now, so if I don't go walking today, I might try out my new skates. Pretty white ones with good shiny blades. Size 8s, so they'll fit and be comfortable (I outgrew mom's hand-me-down size 7s, hence the need for new skates), and finally some ice to try them out on. Well, in theory, if the "pond" is solid enough. Worth a try, and I need the exercise anyway~!

So, show of hands: who's excited that I'll be writing? Anyone looking forward to these stories besides me?


PS: I'm on a music kick and attempting to sing along with 'Emotion' is very hard. She sings so fast! ♥
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