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Entry 404 - Thoughts

So yeah, I'm putting those current ideas aside for a while until my mind wants to work with them. So those who were interested, it might be a while before they get written, and even longer before they're posted. Oh well, just sit tight.

I'm getting the feeling I'm being ignored online sometimes. I don't mind it, I think. I'm just wondering why Kara seems to have dropped off the edge of nothing but yet still posts quotes. Oo did I do something to tick you off, Kara? I thought you might've blocked me by accident or something, but it's been two days now. I'm just wondering why you're avoiding me. I even left a comment.

I dug out an old story notebook of mine last night. Maybe I'll get back to that sometime.

Maybe the weather's getting me down or something. Or it's just me, which means I'm screwed then because apparently my body hates me being happy or something. I'll wait it out, I guess. Maybe it'll pass.

In the meantime, I might just drop AIM for good. No point in it taking up space, right? I barely talk to anyone as it is, so I'm wondering why I still log on. Is it addiction, or desperation? Or is it a mix of both?

So yeah. One bright spot in my online life: the OSW RP. I like working with these people, and I'm trying to get my character involved more and more. She's already made one friend; maybe if I'm lucky, she'll make more.

And someday, she'll actually reveal her senshi side and go kick some youma rear >) stranger things have happened!

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