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Entry 403 - Ideas and Emotions

Yes, another gratuitous icon post. This time, it's an icon Kara made for me! Cute, isn't it~?

Yes, I am writing a story about it, since I think I've gotten Kara addicted to my writing for the series. No, they never met in the course of the series, but in the afterlife? The series meets you! >)

I'm still planning the rebirth of fadingdaydream for sometime next month. After all, a community needs members and so far, we only have two...well, unless Pam's going to drop as well. Anyone want to join a fanfic/art community?

I am in a fanfic frame of mind lately. It feels good to be writing again, though, even though I should work on some original stuff as well. I'll be making concrit comments on the redpenwriters entries for the description challenge, but I just don't think I can get something written for it. I'll try for the next challenge!

For those who are actually interested in my fanfic (including the two fics I'll be working on), I'll probably post them in fadingdaydream and just link them here. They'll be public, don't worry~! :)

So....any questions? Comments? Anything? You know what to do.

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