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Yes, you read right~

The 400th entry finally reached its comment goal, thanks to the combined efforts of Kara and yours truly (with some added help by several others), and this is the celebration entry.

So yes, let's party here, folks! It's cause to celebrate!!

...oh, you wanted the contents? Oh, I can do that, for those who want to check it out.

The first few threads? Mainly random comments pertaining to the entry's topics at hand. Eventually, it dissolved into random comments and word games, before ending in many threads of random ficlets.

Yes, most of my ficlets are fanfic. I've been out of practice on writing, I considered it preparing. And there are some origfic ones, the first few threads are mostly origfic-based.

Yes, Kara-dearheart, I owe you a multi-part origfic ficlet series, and I will get to that soon. Maybe in here somewhere, if I can!

But yes, we reached our goal and we're set for the entry, and I got a screencap of the journal page with the number. Anyone want a ceremonial copy? I have it as a paint file (bitmap, I think), so I can send it through e-mail or something.

So yes, just updating to say that regularly scheduled updates will resume now. Imagine, about three weeks or so to reach the goal, and that was slow going...wonder if we'll make 500 for entry 500?

Now I go relax and eat. Thanks again to all involved! ♥♥♥

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