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Entry 400 - Long Entry

Here we are, finally at entry 400. This will be a long one, so be prepared with snacks and drinks and I hope you had a bathroom break beforehand. Ready? Here we go!

First of all, I have decided the fate of the community fadingdaydream and with the help of the remaining member(s), it will apparently become a fanfiction/fanart community. So anyone on my friends list want some concrit without stupidity? ^^ Come on in!

Second of all, hoping for a 400-comment total on this entry. Anyone who wants to join the comment spam, go for it. I'm hoping this one will get further than the one back on entry 300 (we only got to about 20-something comments boo). To help, I'll be dropping in some nifty discussion topics and we can maybe get discussion and debate going on those.

So, permit me a rant now. This is only the first topic, so if this isn't your thing, just wait for the others. Deal? ^^

I hate friend issues. I wish all my friends could get along, and I doubt it'll ever happen. My online pals don't really have this problem, but my local ones do. Why do people end up hating others for no reason? Do they always have good reasons but don't say? I just will never understand it. Maybe the people who hate my friend will grow up eventually (they still write SIs/mary-sues, after all!)

I'm also having issues with my own writing. I have tons of ideas, but I can't get them into words and written down. It stresses me out, so I try to do other things, and I can't focus. Does anyone else have this problem?

Now, for the big major super-rant topic of this entry (long title, haha): children of today compared to of the past. Get ready for this, it's the big one and I have quite the opinion about the subject. (Remember the bathroom break warning? That's for this ^^)

In my opinion, most kids today are horribly spoiled from birth. From unique additions to food (purple ketchup? pink margarine?? wtf???) to new vitamin designs (wtf gumballs??? they're not supposed to be fun!!), the kids are given run of their life very early on. In the past, the kids ate what they were served or didn't eat during that meal, and vitamins weren't fruit-flavored or in circus designs.

Why vitamin gumballs? The kids will think it's candy and that is a mistake. Vitamins are not, and will never be, candy. So why make the vitamins more and more like the sweets they commonly access? It'll confuse them, and possibly lead to medical emergencies.

I talked to my mom on the subject (many times, in fact), and she told me that when she was young, her chewable vitamins were square-shaped, green on one side and yellow on the other, with a citrus flavor. No circus animals, no gummies, no ridiculous designs. She bought circus ones for me because they were all she could find then. Now, the kids can have fruit-flavored animal shapes, or cartoon characters, or the gummi bear/gumball things. Of course, then there's the chocolate chew things, but those actually seem kind of interesting to a point.

What really annoyed us was not only the lack of plain vitamins, but also the older kids using the chewable ones. The chewables are basically for ages 4 and younger, and they're not really fortified enough for the older ones. Therefore, the older kids aren't getting the right amount of what they need without taking extra, and that's not really safe.

Solution to taking pills? Hide them in something. For me, I started with yogurt (lemon works) or applesauce (I liked cinnamon). The kids won't notice the pill until it's already gone. The applesauce/yogurt helps it go down much easier and they'll never know it was in there. Remember the whole "spoonful of sugar" bit? That's about how this works. The sugar or flavor of the sauce/yogurt helps mask the scent/taste of the pill. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

It's easier than them taking chewables all their lives. With the pills, they get all the stuff they need, in one pill.

Why cater to the kids' "omg want it now" world? The way I was raised, and many others, we ate what was served without complaint, and we actually behaved like civilized people. I read things on LJ and am horrified at the stories that are told. Parents who don't watch their kids, who simply drop them off in a store and go off to do other things, or who let their kids do whatever they want. That's not the right way to raise kids, and they don't care. That scares me, really: parents who just don't care.

My view: keep an eye on your kids. If they can't behave, don't take them out to dinner or in public until they can. Let them know you will not allow them to run around like screaming hellions, and if they do, remove them from the situation. If you make a move to punish them, follow through with your plans. Don't let them get away with everything, really.

I read of parents who will sit and not pay attention while their kids run wild in a restaurant. Bad idea, people. If you can't control your kids, don't bring them to a place like that until you can. If they can't handle it, don't bring them. My mom waited until we were able to handle being in public without problems, and then began taking us to dinner and the store and such. We knew it was a privilege and not a right, and we could be left home at any time. We knew that, grew with it, and learned.

Go figure how the world works. Teachers can't use red pens to correct work anymore, people have to change things to accommodate bratty kids, and the kids are never really disciplined. Spanking is abuse now? I can see where beating would be, but a swat on the bum? Abuse? I'm not really seeing it. It helps, really, because the kid will learn that if they do something wrong, they get punished. They'll learn not to do that thing again. It works in the long run, and it shouldn't be considered abuse.

Of course, our country's going to hell anyway....without the handbasket. Pity, that. I'm about to move to Canada.

And about lying to your kids about the Santa thing: my mom told us that he was a symbol of the holiday, maybe real or maybe not, and we believed it. We know now that she bought and wrapped all those gifts, and we adore that she did. So people, thank your parents for buying those Santa gifts for you, out of the goodness of their hearts. They have good taste, don't they?

Don't get me started on the "OMGWTF War against Christmas!!111" thing. That was a load of crap anyway. >(

So, this should give the comments some fodder. C'mon, people, let's start spamming!

(And hey, fanfic/art people? fadingdaydream ? Please? I'll love you forever~)


PS: if all else fails, we could play games in the comments. Whatever works, we just need at least 400!

Edit, 12/28: At 11:30 pm, we reached 100 comments. Keep up the good work!

Edit, 12/30: At 4:51 pm, we reached 200 comments. Thank you, Tasha, and keep up the good work, all!

Edit, 01/04/06: Happy new year, 6:44 pm, and 300 comments! Let's make it to the end, all! ♥

Edit, 01/21/06: It's 2:01 am, and we're now at our goal! 400 COMMENTS!! Prepare for celebration entry! ♥♥♥
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