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Entry 399 - More Community Pimping

So yeah, just posted a reminder entry in redpenwriters so people can finish signing up and I can make the matches.

Since the other entry went kinda well, figured I'd post about another community I mod, called fadingdaydream (which was created by the lovely artist x_soriku and has only four members, poor thing). It was meant originally for original characters, but in origfic or fanfic/fanart settings. Just trying to spark our creativity, you know! ^^

Our most recent project, in the hopes of reviving it, is a holiday poll asking members to vote on their top three ideas for a writing challenge. There's a list of about ten ideas, and each member can vote for their top three. The thing is, though, we only have four members. Hence, this post. I've just about given up on lovemusesloveme since it seems to have died with no hope of recovery, but if anyone is interested in spilling their muse thoughts and actions, feel free to join it and spark a revival~ ♥

Closing in on entry 400. Can you all believe it? ^^

I got all my holiday shopping done, the gifts will be sent when I can send them, and I'm eagerly awaiting not only the holiday, but the incoming snowfall. Yay, snow!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So anyway, still trying to figure out what I want to do with my 400th entry. Maybe I'll steal some nifty memes and start a discussion, then we can play games and spam the hell out of the entry, what do you guys think? >)

So, until next time....

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