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Entry 398 - Community Pimping

Yes, this entry shall be devoted to nothing more than shameless community whoring. But it's a fun community! ♥

redpenwriters is the place. Created and modded by me, co-modded by Tasha. We're currently hoping to start a Secret Santa thing, the details are in the most recent post. I'll modify the userinfo after this entry. It's a cozy little community, not many members, and we support original fiction. In fact, the name stems from the fact that we edit and critique as well.

Besides, who doesn't remember the red pens the teachers used to use in the olden days, before the whole "oh it'll damage the self-esteem of the children!" crap of the current day? Embrace the red pen and all it stands for! ♥

Yeah. So anyway, not only do we write, but we have some talented artists in the community as well.

We only have a few people, someone want to join us? It's free to join. We don't bite....well, not unless we're threatened. Our concrit is sincere and not catty at all. In fact, that's our motto: concrit without stupidity. (I made it up myself, but it's still true!)

I'll make another real post soon, but this one is a community pimp as promised to the members. I believe some of them might follow the lead. So come on, who wants to join the guild?


Edit: Wow, my community tag worked! ^^ Something new for me to play with!
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