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Entry 395 - Random

Yes, the title is right. First of all, I'm not trying to offend anyone, but: gratuitous icon post. Seriously.

Halloween came and went, and it was fun. The weather stayed nice, too, so let's bring on the snow sometime soon. :)

I learned how to do those internet heart things. ♥ aren't they cute?

In case you're wondering, the BP icons are a theme now. Each of us main four from redpenwriters has one. The others are all YYH-ones but since I'm the black sheep of the group, I had a different one. ^^ yay for Cagalli in a dress! ♥

Nothing else to say, really. Will keep you updated later if anything does, though.

Again: gratuitous icon post. Be not offended by my snarky icon. ♥

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