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Entry 394 - Homecoming 05/06

Yes, it's been over a month since my last update. I've been doing other things, though, so I could have material for updates.

No, the title is not a lie. I may have graduated, but I still went to the bonfire last night and the homecoming game tonight. The bonfire was nice, but short, and I got decent pictures. The game, however....

The playing was decent....the band, that is. The team? Didn't do as well. 42-0, in favor of the other team.

Anybody in ME know where Mt Blue's team is from? I think it's Farmington, not sure. Oh well. They won, we lost, and I'm sure the home team will be very scarce at the dance tonight. They'll probably be hiding for a while after this one.

I adore the United Way used book bin at the grocery store. My close friends (or anyone who's gone shopping at that store with me, heh) will back me up on this, since most of my very special reading books come from here. I like the idea that the money is going to a good thing, and I love books, so it's win-win, right?

Today, mom and I went shopping. I go look in the bin like normal, and there's all sorts of new things in there. Complete Works-type books. Mixed in with the crappy romance novels and stuff, yes, but still. There's a few authors I know, very cool.

They had a Shakespeare one. Complete book, plays and poetry. I bought it right then and there. 1937 copyright, nicely hardbound and even smelled antique. My new favorite book ^^ yay.

I've been getting a lot of books lately, actually. The bin, secondhand stores, friends, ordering online (yay artbook and pretty people woo), pretty much everywhere. It's pretty nice, having new things to read. Keeps me busy and out of trouble.

Cold out tonight. Means the upcoming halloween will be cold, and winter should be coming quick. Yay, snow!

So yeah, that's about it. Maybe if I feel up to it, I'll jump online again soon. I'm behind on the Project, anyway.

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